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Alice Yan Crumbleholme and Pearls N Silver
- Gemological Institute of America Alumni
- GIA Graduate Pearl Diploma
- GIA Pearl Grading Certificate
- Portland Multnomah MetalSmith Class Completion

Back in 1999, encouraged by a reputable pearl farm owner, Alice Yan Crumbleholme quit her job as a professor at a University, and dove into the ocean of entrepreneurship to pursue her dream in the jewelry-land. To arm herself with as much knowledge as possible, Alice visited and lived on the pearl farms and pearl factories, harvested pearls herself, watched and learned the processes of this mysterious gem from sorting, drilling, stringing to setting. She fell in love with this beauty of the ocean. Still unsatisfied, she then enrolled in the world-famous gem school - Gemological Institute of America, for she wanted to know EVERYTHING about this fascinating jewel. In 2006, she completed all the tests and was awarded the graduate pearl diploma by GIA.

Apparently, that was still not enough for her. Alice took and finished classes in metal-smithing in the local Multnomah Art Center in Portland, Oregon in 2005 to expand her knowledge and perfect her skills. She then went on and learned wire-wrapping, silver clay jewelry making from masters in the jewelry-land in 2006.

In the year of 2000, Pearls N Silver was born. Today, Pearls N Silver features its fine jewelry in many galleries and boutiques across the country. Our meticulously handcrafted jewelry embraces platinum or 14K/18K white gold, 14K/18K yellow gold over sterling silver fine jewelry with freshwater pearls, abalone, mother of pearls, onyx, sea bamboo, coral, natural gem stones in the forms of necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets. Since its creation in 2000, non can ever claim they had an allergic reaction to Pearls N Silver's fine jewelry. Some loyal customers even claim that they would only wear Pearls N Silver Fine Jewelry because it is the only jewelry they are not allergic to.

In 2013, Pearls N Silver was invited by one of the nations top 10 malls - Washington Square Mall in Portland, Oregon - to be one of their prestigious vendors.

In 2015, 2016 for two years in a row, Pearls N Silver was invited by the Portland Fashion Week and was featured on their runway.

To design timeless pieces that are elegant as well as meaningful, to make our ladies "look good, feel good and confident" is our ultimate goal. We are confident that when you are wearing our jewelry, you will most definitely feel good!

Let's enjoy this life whilst we can!

Pearls N Silver Team

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