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Q & A Part One
Shipping Policy | Return Policy | Warranty
Q. What is your SHIPPING POLICY?

A. Paid items will be shipped via USPS within 1-2 working days after we receive your payment or after your check is cleared. We usually ship your item the same day if the order is received before noon. Items received after 12pm we will still try to ship it the same day. In the case we are not able to, we will ship your item the next working day.

Q. What is your RETURN POLICY?

Changed your mind? We are happy to accept returns within 30 days after you received your item, provided the item is in not worn condition with tags on. We will refund you in full even your shipping charge.

Please contact us and we will send you a return shipping label.

Q. Do you have any warranty over your products?

Yes, one whole year warranty!

We stand 100% behind our products and guarantee our products quality meet our striving-for-perfection standard. In case your jewelry breaks within the first year of your purchase, contact us and return to us. We'll fix it or exchange it if we still have the style, if not, we will be happy to give you a store credit. We believe in communication so don't hesitate to ask us any questions.

Q & A Part Two
Jewelry Basics
1: Sterling silver and gold over sterling silver.
Q. What is sterling silver?

A. Pure silver is too soft to make jewelry. Sterling silver is an alloy that is combined with pure silver and other metals depending on the manufacturer. ".925" means in 1000 parts of the alloy, there are 925 parts that are pure silver (.999 silver), and 75 parts are other metal, which copper is commonly used. A stamp of .925 or S925 can be seen on a discrete part of the metal to show that the alloy is sterling silver.

Q. Why does sterling silver tarnish?

A. Pure silver does not tarnish. Copper does. When a piece of sterling silver is exposed to oxygen, it changes into a yellowish color. This is also called oxidized silver. That is the copper that is tarnishing. When a piece of sterling silver is worn, the human body oil reacts with copper, combined with oxygen, it then appears to be blackish color.

Q. Can tarnished sterling silver be cleaned?

A. Yes. On the market, there are many silver cleaners. Simply dip the silver into the liquid for a few seconds, take it out, rinse with soap and water. It will return its original color. Make sure not to soak into the cleaner for too long. It will stain the silver forever.

Q. What is 14K rose gold over sterling silver?

A. 14K rose gold over sterling silver is the result when manufacturers plate a coat of 14K rose gold over the .925 sterling silver. The main part of the metal is sterling silver with the top layer of rose gold.

Q. What is white gold over sterling silver?

A. In recently years, in order to keep the sterling silver from tarnishing, manufacturers use the technology of coating a layer of yellow gold or rhodium or other metal such as nickel over the sterling silver to seal the silver from the air. Rhodium belongs to the platinum family. It has been the most expensive metal in the world for many years. Pearls N Silver use rhodium to coat over our sterling silver to prevent the sterling silver from tarnishing as well as allergy issues.

Q. How to maintain gold over sterling silver jewelry?

A. The 2 enemies of sterling silver is oxygen and scratches. Make sure your jewelry is "last on, first off", meaning wait till you have put on everything else including your perfume before you put on your jewelry. Take your jewelry off the first thing when you come home.

We do not recommend sleep in your jewelry because it can cause damage and scratches thus wear off the gold coating faster.

Please keep your sterling silver jewelry away from water, especially from showers, baths, swimming pools, ocean… Water contains lots of oxygen (H2O, '"O" stands for oxygen).

When you are not wearing your sterling silver jewelry, make sure to keep them completely dry and store them in an airtight space (such as a sealed plastic bag) to separate them from the oxygen.

2. Pearl and Pearl care
Q. How to tell if a pearl is real pearl?

A. The easiest way is the "tooth test" way. Grind your teeth along the surface of the pearl, if you have a sandy gritty feeling, it is real pearl. If it's like gliding along a glass surface, it is imitational pearls.

Q. How to maintain my pearls?

A. Pearls are organic being. Chemicals including normal household cleaning products, perfume would damage the pearl luster in the long run. Follow the rule of "Last on, first off" - put your fine jewelry on last in your dressing up process, and take them off the first thing when you come home. Do not shower or swim with your fine jewelry on. This would help to prolong your pearls "bright" life.

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